Grandad always told me that if you had to ask for a price it was too much! So here are our prices plain and simple.

$350 a month for everything and the software more than pays for itself especially if you sell advertising! You get 30 days free to check it out! If it is not for you then you owe nothing. Additionally, in the future when we raise rates you will be locked in whatever you start with.

So here is the breakdown of what you get then you can compare to the other platforms that are available.

  • Set up. I will set everything up for you
  • Customer management
  • Route Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Dispatcher Management
  • Driver Management
  • Employee Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Invoices and Billing
  • Invoice Reassignment
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Dumpster Invoicing
  • Custom Invoicing
  • Compliance Management
  • 3rd Party API Integration Google Maps and more!
  • Customers DO NOT have to have email to pay their invoices!
  • Accept Checks - Cash - Money Orders - Online Payments - Venmo and more!
  • Online Payments
  • Map and Geo Tracking
  • Training and Tech Support
  • Dumpster and Equipment Inventory and Tracking
  • Taxes and Payroll
  • Location Tracking
  • Alerts - Notifications - Internal Messaging - Real Time Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Quotes - Estimates
  • Access on any kind of device Mobile, Tablets, Computers
  • Import / Export Management
  • Unlimited Backups
  • Payment Processing
  • Searching Features
  • QR Bar Code Scanning
  • Expense Tracking
  • Customer Portal
  • Documents and Manuals
  • Friendly reminders and Shut Off Notices
  • Business Email
  • Business Website responsive and mobile optimized
  • Invoice reassignment
  • Customer shut off
  • Credit Feature
  • Customer Prepay Options
  • Payment Coupon Book for Customers
  • Newsletters
  • Advertising
  • User Listings
  • Chat Feature for Customer Support
  • Campaigns and Marketing Features
  • Senior Discounts
  • Landlord and Tenant accounts
  • Focus and Filter Search to Find What You Need Fast!
  • Bulk Route Assignments
  • Printing options - Invoices - receipts - reminders and more!
  • Time Clock for Employees
  • Federal - State and FICA Taxes calculated for you!
  • Employee Incentives!
  • Sell Advertising!
  • Customer Subscriptions and Trash Reminder Pickups!
  • Instructions and Videos on every page!

Finally if you find a Waste Management Software that covers all of this at this price let us know. Because as of now we have not found one. If you want to log into a demo and check it out email me or call/text me @ 571.882.1932 My name is Maximus and I would be happy to talk to you about this.

Email and you will get the login information immediately to check out the demo site.

Please fill out the form to contact us and we will get back with your shortly. Let us a know the best date and time to contact you.